Attention Lamb Lovers! Something special at McCaskie’s!

Introducing Black Face Lamb from The Malone family at Pitcairn Farm, Lochgelly in Fife.

In the homes of the McCaskie owners (Nigel and wife Helen and mum Elizabeth and Dad Tom) Lamb is the favourite. It’s one of these amazing natural products that changes flavour throughout the year and there is a cut for all occasions and recipes. We at McCaskie’s work hard to source the very best lamb available throughout the year.

Black Face lamb McCaskie ButchersLamb in the last year has really jumped in price but incredibly we have even with the price tag seen an increase in sales, but there are few weird patterns with lamb that always baffles Nigel.

The demand for lamb

Every year the demand for lamb always peaks when lamb is probably at its lowest quality. Demand peaks around Easter time when lamb is really reaching the end. The seasons and quality really varies and the price jumps.

Then the Spring lamb comes in but at McCaskie’s we don’t like to buy the new season lamb until around July and then it just keeps getting better and better with flavours developing with each month.

Like our obsession with native beef breeds we prefer to source the native breeds of lamb. While they don’t have the shape and size of the modern European breeds they are much tastier. The main breed of lamb preferred at McCaskies is the North Country Cheviot.

However, over the last few weeks we have been lucky enough to get probably the nicest Black Face lambs we have ever seen from a couple of farms. The ‘Blackies’ as they are known are much slower to mature and have a very short season of availability from the months of February until early April when they are at their best.

Black Face lamb McCaskie ButcherOver the next few weeks our lamb will be coming from the Malone family at Pitcairn Farm at Lochgelly, Fife. Here, first generation farmer Craig Malone farms his 250 acre farm and has a flock of 600 Black Face ewes. Craig’s Blackface are among the finest Blackies we have had. A lovely piece of shoulder was enjoyed and the flavour was superb.

McCaskie’s Black Face lamb in Scottish restaurants

We are delighted to be supplying this amazing lamb to the discerning chefs at restaurants including:

  • The amazing L’escargot Bleu restaurant in Edinburgh (where chef patron Fred wants to know where the meat he is serving comes from).
  • Andrew Fairlie, Scotland’s only 2 star Michelin restaurant where it features in one of the signature dishes.
  • Locally at Seamill Hydro where lovely lamb rump can be enjoyed.

This is lamb at its very best and we have tenderised the prices (sorry!).

For roasting we have shoulder and leg…

1kg Black Face Rolled Shoulder of Lamb (serves 4)

1.5Kg Black Face Rolled Shoulder of Lamb

2Kg Leg of Black Face Lamb

For braising or grilling…

2 Black Face Lamb Leg Steaks

2 Black Face Lamb Gigot Chops

For casseroles, curries and stews…

Diced Black Face Lamb (3 for 2)

And finally…

Black Face Lamb Burgers (Arabic Style)

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