Make a Roast Extra Special with a McCaskie’s Roast

With so many different cuts it can difficult to choose which piece of roast to buy. The brilliance of beef is that there is cut for everyone and every occasion.

The beauty of roast is in simplicity. Simply select the piece of beef and size required, season, pop in the oven and when it’s ready, carve. Add some vegetables and nice gravy and you something special with almost no fuss. Even the vegetables can be cooked in the same pan.

What is the right quantity of beef to buy?

This very much depends on how many you are feeding. We at McCaskie’s would recommend for most roasts 250g/9oz raw weight per person, so for 4 people a 1kg piece would be perfect (we recommend going a wee bit bigger to have some for left overs!). For ribeye on the bone it’s better to go 350g per person raw weight.

Luxury Rump Joint

Enjoy Something Special

It’s very important to select a piece of quality beef that has been properly and carefully matured on the bone, which means in its simplest terms allows the beef to become more tender and flavoursome. At McCaskie’s we mature all our roasts on the bone for minimum of 21 days and for cuts like ribeye, luxury rump and sirloin up to 35 days this ensures these premium cuts really are something special . All our beef is 100% Scotch – always!

At McCaskie’s we bang on about all our beef coming from native breeds, but what is this all about?

We Choose breeds like Aberdeen Angus, Shorthorn, Luings and Hereford. These traditional breeds are native to British Isles and thrive on a sustainable grass based diet, taking longer to finish with the result of great natural marbling that produces tender, tasty beef. The majority of beef sold in supermarkets is from continental breeds that require more feeding on high protein foods and are generally bigger and leaner. Nigel truly believes that the native and heritage breeds chosen at McCaskie’s will produce the very best tasting beef.

Fillet of Beef

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