Beautiful Beef for Autumn

As the nights draw in, our 100% Scotch beef is perfect for autumn.

Is there anything you look forward to more than a beef dinner?

McCaskie’s beef olives, beef cheek and ox tail are terrific alternatives to the traditional beef cuts.

Beef Olives

Looking for a tasty and filling alternative to the Sunday roast? McCaskie’s beef olives are the perfect choice for a satisfying weekend meal.

We make our beef olives using thin slices of lean, Scotch beef rump steak, rolled around our finest beef, sage and onion sausage meat. Cook in the oven for an hour while you roast the vegetables and let the wine breathe. You can also use the juice from the cooked beef to make a delicious gravy.

We sell our beef olives in packs of two or four to make a great family meal.

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Beef Cheek

Beef Cheek is the most wonderful beef cut, ideally suited to long slow oven cooking. You can easily wow friends and family with this delicious cut.

Beef Cheek

Serve with a rich gravy and roast vegetables for the perfect dinner.

Beef cheek is best cooked slowly in a rich wine or stock (perhaps both). Cook for 3-4 hours and you will hardly need a knife to break through what has become a tender and crumbly beef. And your gravy will be so rich and delicious you will want to make this gorgeous meal time and again.

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Ox Tail

Like beef cheek, ox tail is a winner in the slow cooking stakes. Matched with a fine wine and good company, this cut is simply divine.

Ox tail cooked long and slow for a minimum of 4 hours in stock or red wine with chunks of root vegetables is one of the finest, tastiest and warming winter dishes you could cook. Remember to get some crusty bread for mopping up those delicious juices too.

Our ox tail is pre-cut into chunks and ready to cook. It can also be removed from the bone to match whatever recipe you fancy.

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