Special Roast Selection

These roasts are the ultimate in beef for very special occasions. Our gold selection special roasts are extra matured for 28 days from our Aberdeen Angus beef, dry aged grass fed cattle with excellent marbling. We trim them to ensure the best value possible without giving you excess fat. All of these cuts are prepared and checked by Nigel before they are presented to the customer. Please compare our prices with the leading multiple food retailer you will be pleasantly surprised!

Rolled Rib Roast
Without the bones and slightly easier to carve. A magnificent cut of meat with a eye of fat througho..
From £40.00
Ex Tax: £40.00
Rib Roast on the Bone
This expertly trimmed roast looks and tastes really wonderful. We fully trim the rib and remove any ..
From £48.00
Ex Tax: £48.00
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