McCaskie’s Best Ever Year For Haggis

McCaskie’s has been well and truly at the centre of the haggis map for years now thanks to Nigel’s dedication and expertise in constantly refining his recipe to make McCaskie’s haggis as perfect as it can be.

McCaskie's haggisHaggis is most popular in the run up to Burns Night on January 25th and this year McCaskie’s has smashed its haggis sales record. Customers just can’t get enough of Scotland’s Most Awarded Haggis as it’s come to be known.

McCaskie’s state-of-the-art production facility has produced 2,000lbs of their famous haggis in the two weeks leading up to Burns Night with orders winging their way to every corner of the UK. It’s not just households that are ordering. McCaskie’s haggis can now be found in other butcher’s shops as far afield as London, delis, restaurants and hotels throughout Scotland.

Although haggis is front and centre on and around Burns Night Nigel reveals it’s becoming more and more popular all year round.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about and why McCaskie’s haggis is so special take a look at McCaskie’s haggis products from the traditional haggis ball to haggis truffles and haggis bon bons and order online.

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