• Unsmoked Back Bacon (200g)

Unsmoked Back Bacon - A gold award winning bacon, nice colour, great flavour. Simply really good bacon. Vac packed 3 weeks shelf life.

Now, let me tell you! I am so proud of our bacon, I believe it is up there with the best you can buy, why? All our bacon is cured from selected loins of 100% Free Range Scottish pork, dry-cured with just the right amount of salt, curing salt and sugar to give maximum flavour and a nice pink colour. Every loin is hand rubbed and allowed to cure for 1 week, then air dried for 2 days before being sliced or smoked over oak nd beech in our own smoker. No added water, no nasty additions, just pure Scottish bacon.

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Unsmoked Back Bacon (200g)

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