Our special reserve lamb is sourced from my cousin's farm in Kilmacolm. They are North Country Cheviots, have been grazing all summer long and are a nice size with delicious flavour. We age our lambs in our special environment controlled chills. A great flavour and tenderness guaranteed!

Last date for meat orders is 14th December 2018.

French Trimmed Rack of Lamb
French Trimmed Rack of Lamb 450g - 500g (serves 2-3) ..
From £14.00
Ex Tax: £14.00
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Mint & Rosemary Lamb Rack
450-500g  Serves 2-3 Rosemary and mint with the classic combinations of these two full fl..
From £14.50
Ex Tax: £14.50
Shoulder Roasting Joints
Fully trimmed is fantastic as a roast rolled or left flat, or try it unrolled on the BBQ. Try our..
From £14.50
Ex Tax: £14.50
Atkins & Potts Lamb Gravy
Atkins & Potts Lamb Gravy ..
From £3.79
Ex Tax: £3.79
Bone in Legs of Lamb
Bone in Legs of Lamb 1/2 Leg 1.3Kg-1.5Kg Serves 4 ..
From £22.00
Ex Tax: £22.00
Boneless Leg of Lamb
Boneless Leg of Lamb ..
From £18.00
Ex Tax: £18.00
Greek Lamb Rack
Lovely and full of herby flavour. ​450g-500g Serves 2-3 Greek, wonderful full Mediterranean herb..
From £14.50
Ex Tax: £14.50
McCaskies Own Label - Mint Jelly
McCaskies Own Label -  Mint Jelly ..
From £2.99
Ex Tax: £2.99
McCaskies Own Label - Mint Sauce
McCaskies Own Label - Mint Sauce ..
From £2.99
Ex Tax: £2.99
Raised Lamb Shoulder
Easy to Roast, perfect for pulled lamb! 2-2.4Kg Serves 8-10 Great for big feasts of slow co..
From £25.00
Ex Tax: £25.00
Rosemary & Mint Carvery Leg
This marinaded whole leg, with the centre bone removed, tastes delicious and is easy to carve with t..
From £30.00
Ex Tax: £30.00
Saddle of Lamb
A very special roast. This has recently becoming increasing popular. This may be due to its ease ..
From £8.50
Ex Tax: £8.50
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