• Smoked Ayrshire Bacon (200g)

Smoked Ayrshire Bacon - This has the eye of the loin and belly, cured as normal, but with that little extra fat the flavour is brilliant and stays really moist after cooking. Gold award winning. Vac packed 3 weeks shelf life.

Now, let me tell you! I am so proud of our bacon, I believe it is up there with the best you can buy, why? All our bacon is cured from selected loins of 100% Free Range Scottish pork, dry-cured with just the right amount of salt, curing salt and sugar to give maximum flavour and a nice pink colour. Every loin is hand rubbed and allowed to cure for 1 week, then air dried for 2 days before being sliced or smoked over oak nd beech in our own smoker. No added water, no nasty additions, just pure Scottish bacon.

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Smoked Ayrshire Bacon (200g)

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