Cooking Tips and Guidelines

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McCaskie’s Cooking Tips and Guidelines can help you cook meat to perfection!

There’s no need for guesswork or hunting around for cooking instructions as our handy Cooking Tips and Guidelines has all you need to know; from how to store and prepare McCaskie’s food products correctly with health and safety in mind to oven settings and little hints here and there to ensure perfect meat every time.

Expert cooking tips for turkey (whole birds and crowns), chicken, turkey breast joints, stuffed chicken joints, pheasants, goose, duck, top end beef (sirloin, rib, rump), lamb and venison (leg, shoulder, saddle and haunch).

There’s also detailed cooking times based on weights and how you like your meat (medium, well, done, etc) and tips on the best way to roast meat covering preparation prior to putting your meat in the oven. Roasting tips for pork, silverside, topside, shoulder of lamb, racks of lamb, ham joints and salmon.

There’s also guidelines on how to cook steaks, chops, beef olives, puff pies and pastry.

Last update: December 16, 2016


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