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Cooking beef, lamb and pork is easy is you follow some basic rules. Unfortunately, many people don't know what these are. To help with this, there's a great cooking aid available provided by AHDB (the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board) Beef & Lamb as part of their Meat Education Programme. In you will find the different cooking methods and hints and tips on: Preparing meat prior to cooking Sealing or browning the meat The cooking process (roasting, grilling and frying) Cooking times for all cuts of beef, lamb and pork Knowing when your meat is cooked "Doneness" (rare, medium rareand well done) Making gravy So if you want inspiration to cook your red meat with confidence and produce delicious, perfectly cooked meat every time, download your copy of Meat Education Programme - Understanding cooking beef, lamb and pork (PDF). ...

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Carving a Leg of Lamb Remove from the oven and rest for 10 - 15 minutes Position the joint, steadying it with a large fork Cut a wedge shaped slice from the middle Continue to cut slices until you reach the socket bone Once the small socket bone is reached, carefully cut around Continue to slice Turn the bone in your hand and carefully slice the meat off  ...

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