• Finest Scottish ½ Lamb Selection

If you love lamb, this is the pack for you with the added benefit of great savings. .
The lamb is full of flavour and ultra tender. We mature our whole lambs for minimum of seven days.
Pre boning weight minimum 10kg

Pack includes:
1Kg Rolled Shoulder (serves 4),
1 x 1/2Leg of Lamb (serves 4),
4 x Lamb Chump Steaks (serves 4),
4x Lamb Leg Steaks (serves 4),
6 Double Loin Chops,
1 Rack of Lamb (serves 2),
4 Scotch Pies,
500g Diced Lamb,
1 haggis

This is just our suggestion, if you would like your ½ lamb prepared any other way, please just let us know.

Every item is individually vacuum packed, labelled ready for immediate enjoyment or for freezing.

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Finest Scottish ½ Lamb Selection

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